The Vineyard work

From mid-November to the early Spring start the most long vineyard labours :

It deals with the most important work which secures vine's future.reasoned production and a grapevine growth cycle are the results that can be obtained with pruning.

Then comes the tying-up : the fruiting-canes are tied to a trellis.






At the beginning of Spring begin various labours :



    (Ebourgeonnage in French) : 


Before flowering we remove the unwanted can shoots which appear at the base of wine stock and which could weaken the vines. This wordk is carried out precisely and painstakingly in order to preserve precise number of grapes per stock. So we determine the defenitive place and number of brunches. 




  • THE TRELLISING WORK (palissage in French) : 

In June, the new shoots are lifting to tie them between training wire. 




  • THE CLIPPING OR TRIMMING OR TOPPING ( several in a season ) : 

the shoots are trimmed to the desire height to minimize the foliage and to guarantee optimum photosynthesis for the grape nutrition.

All throughout this period, we use right phytosanitary products in a reasoned way to protect the foilage and the grapes from the vine disease and the climatic variations.


Actually, to obtain a high quality Champagne, an irreproachably healthy vine and grapes are essential. For this reason, we use these treaments as a precautionary measure.






By the middle of September begin the grape harvest : the awaited period by all the wine growers. The grapes are hand picked at optimum maturity. All vine-tending tasks are carried out manually to ensure better quality and to allow the grape's selection during harvest. Then grapes are brought to our wine press.


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